Fiscal and accounting services

Our accounting diagnosis will be very useful to correct counterproductive practices and optimise the profitability of your business by offering the most effective solution that meets your professional or business standards. Proper accounting becomes a very valuable tool for deciding on the growth of your company or activity.

In addition, our team is prepared to carry out all the procedures related to the taxation of your company. We try to give you an external view based on our experience and qualifications so that you can fulfil your obligations correctly. We adapt our knowledge and experience to each company in order to achieve the maximum tax advantages.

Our fiscal and accounting service team

Mª Ángeles Márquez Vera

Fiscal and Accounting department Director

Inmaculada Romero Esteban


Arantxa Olaizola Garrido


María Natalia Mena Esteban


Lidia Vega Gil


Kassandra García García


Natalia Stella Minet


José Luis Conde Cascajero


Mercedes Guerrero Pérez


José Manuel González Lobo


Marzena Miotk


Daily Accounting

Journal, general ledger and balance sheets; income and expenditure ledger; investment goods ledger; VAT ledger, input and output VAT ledger; application for extraordinary deferrals, filing of annual accounts with the commercial register.

Analytical accounting

We apply our knowledge of financial and analytical accounting to prevent risks and improve behaviour when managing your business expenses.


We offer you management and support in your relations with financial institutions and we have the budgetary accounting skills to help you grow your project.

Company Registry

We file annual accounts in the Company Registry and any accounting procedures that need to be registered, always up to date with new procedures.

Direct participation

We take part in your Company’s Boards of Directors if required, we study the viability of investment projects and design your accounting plans according to your objectives.

General Taxation

We take care of the processing and filing of Personal Income Tax Returns for residents and non-residents, Corporate tax, Wealth tax, quarterly and annual VAT returns, rent withholdings, INTRASTAT returns, taxes related to work and real estate, foundations and associations. We advise you on investment matters both in Spain and abroad. We manage the taxation of dividends, interests, royalties and capital gains.

We represent you before the Public Treasury

We provide advice on any procedure arising from tax and/or fiscal checks and inspections. Our team is in continuous training to keep abreast of all legislative updates that may arise. In addition, we take care of the presentation of allegations, responses to requirements and requests for information, lodging of appeals for reconsideration and appeal, as well as economic-administrative claims.


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