3.0 Technology applied to comprehensive advice

We have taken a turn, upgrading to Contasult 3.0, in order to offer our customers a fully accessible and digital environment. We are an office that is adapted to the new times, offering a variety of tools that make your day to day easier.

Time saving

We adapt to your needs, making the most of your time in an efficient way for you. We cover a wide range of procedures, including: digital certificates, insurance, licenses, patents or subsidies.

Cost saving

Thanks to the Contasult 3.0 model we have implemented and our commitment to the environment to achieve a paperless office.

Real time information

We want to keep you informed in real time through our new digital model. Efficiency and resolution in the same team to give you the best reaction time to any type of problem.

Virtual meetings

We offer you the possibility of holding meetings with us virtually in addition to the traditional face-to-face meetings. In such a way that we continue to be a vintage consultancy adapted to the new times.

Digital formalities

We have selected a set of applications so that you can carry out all your formalities quickly and easily.


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