Contasult 3.0

Technological Partners

We work together with the best technological partners to offer you a secure and up-to-date optimisation of resources. Factorial for personnel and HR management, Quipu to facilitate the delivery of your invoices by scanning or taking photos with your mobile phone, without the need to deliver them in person. Facilitating the automation of your accounting and eliminating paper. Signaturit allows you to electronically sign all types of documents and ensure their delivery and receipt, as with electronic communications.

Wolters Kluwer the largest database for legal professionals and consultancies. Firmaprofesional for processing and obtaining your digital certificate, whether you are a company, self-employed or individual without the need to go to a Public Administration.


We adapt to the times.

We know that times have changed. That is why we have updated to a totally digital 3.0 environment, to offer you the best service based on our human value that is revalued with technological advances, seeking to make the most of your time in the best possible way. Contasult 3.0 was created to always offer the best service to each and every one of our clients. Our team works to offer you the best solution to any challenge or situation you may face. We seek to modernise without losing the human factor that characterises us.

As a complement to this digitalisation, we have provided you with a series of applications to make your life easier, as you will be able to carry out an endless number of transactions from your own smartphone.

During this stage, we want to evolve towards a zero-paper office, as part of our commitment to care for and protect the environment. A commitment that concerns us all. This is why we have established this new policy, sending all our documents and communications via our applications. We are aware of the planet and its future. And you, are you in our team?

We are part of iusTime, the largest international network of independent consultancies in the market, offering and providing specialised legal, labour, tax and commercial advice and management services. IusTime is made up of more than 1200 professionals who are at your service and who have extensive training and experience to help you in your day-to-day work.

The key to this network is its international vision, which allows our clients to internationalise their company’s activity or to provide services to international companies that require services anywhere in Spain.

For everyone

Whether for established companies or new SMEs, for freelancers and professionals in any field, entrepreneurs and start-ups…


With iusTime you will be able to internationalise your activity and on the other hand, you will be able to enjoy professional services anywhere in Spain.


With coverage for any type of activity, regardless of the sector.

360 Team

You will have a great team of professionals available, with prestige and years of work, who have continuous training and the necessary skills to solve any incident.

CONTASULT is a member of ASOCIAE, which allows us to sign on behalf of third parties thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between ASOCIAE and the Tax Agency, and we can act as social collaborators.

Somos Punto de Atención al Emprendedor (PAE), gracias al convenio suscrito entre ASOCIAE y el Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo.


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