Labour Services

At Contasult we strive to save you workloads. In labour management, it is very important to constantly update legislation, control the publication of new subsidies and use the appropriate tools to manage the human resources of your company or activity.

For this reason, our team is constantly undergoing training. We are always available with specialised resources in everything related to the hiring of workers and the obligations derived from the labour and social security point of view.

Our labour service team

Rubén García Sibaja

Labour Department Director

Natalia Quiñones García

Social Graduate

Gema Marín Morata

Graduated in Labor Relationships

Social Security

We manage all Social Security procedures for both employed and self-employed workers. These procedures include obtaining a working life, contribution numbers, registration / cancellation of workers and the self-employed…

Payroll Design

We adapt the payroll of each of your employees to their obligations and rights, taking into account all existing agreements to avoid possible claims.

Work contracts and extensions

We study the most profitable contract forms for our clients, taking into account the bonuses and reductions, with cost studies prior to carrying out contracts.

Registration and withdrawal of workers

Our experience offers us control over the necessary deadlines for the management of registration and dismissal of workers.

Withholdings on account of Personal Income Tax

Overseeing withholdings on the Personal Income tax within the established deadlines and delivery of the withholding certificate for each company and professional.

Work safety

We design the required Occupational Risk Prevention Plans for each client. Likewise, everything related to Labour Agreements and Civil Liability Insurance.

Labour Law

We represent you before the labour inspection and the CMAC. We manage claims against the State and the Salary Guarantee Fund; we process sanctions and dismissals; disabilities and retirements; application and renewal of work permits.


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