Legal services

Our team has extensive experience and specialisation in the different sectors of the legal field. For this reason, we are prepared to offer legal advisory and consulting services, providing service both at a business level and at an individual level.

Our team’s bilingual capacity is outstanding. We study the exact needs of each client in order to offer the best possible solution, deriving our efficiency from constant and permanent work, to which we add continuous training and a close and direct relationship with our client.

Our legal service team

Belinda Rodríguez Vera

Legal Deparment Director

Carolina Goss Rueda

Senior Lawyer

Alba Sánchez Saavedra


Paula Lobo

Law Graduate

Commercial Law

We take care of everything related to your company, from the incorporation of your company through to any amendments to the articles of association you may require. In addition, we provide advice on national and international corporate structures and any commercial matters. We also have experts in insolvency law. We manage the acquisition and sale of companies. Purchase and sale of shares, dissolution of companies, mergers, cash and non-cash contributions, capital increases or decreases, etc.

Inmigration Law

We take care of everything related to foreigners, we process the application for foreigners identification number (NIE); foreigners identification card (TIE); application, obtaining and renewal of residence cards; and Golden Visa. If you wish to regularise your situation in Spain, we take care of all the formalities for you to obtain your residence, we also manage and process expulsion proceedings, as well as the application for and obtaining Spanish nationality.

Civil Law

Our team specialises in Family Law, handling everything related to marriages, separations and divorces, as well as unmarried couples. We handle the execution of marriage contracts and the drafting of separation and divorce agreements. Another of our specialities within Civil Law is Inheritance Law. In our office we take care of all matters related to Inheritance and Wills. We also handle all matters related to leases and homeowners’ associations. And in general, we provide all types of advice on civil matters, including assistance in judicial matters.

Administrative Law

We have extensive experience in the management of claims against public bodies and entities, lodging all types of appeals in the administrative field. We also provide comprehensive advice on your claims before the administration and, in general, advice on administrative and judicial matters.

Banking and Financial Law

Another of the areas with the highest incidence at the moment is Banking Law. Our team handles your claims against banks, especially in mortgage matters, including legal claims. When contracting any banking or financial product, we provide you with individualised advice adapted to your needs. We also handle all matters related to taxes, rates and local taxes.

Property Law

We offer our services in any real estate issue: sale, rent, etc …

Procedural Law

Our team has specialists in Procedural Law who can advise you on any issue that may arise.


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