At Contasult we are committed to the hygiene and safety of both our team and our clients.

For this reason, we implement a series of measures in each of our offices in an exhaustive manner to guarantee the safety of everyone.

The protocol in place entails the registration of entry, temperature taking and hand disinfection of anyone who enters the premises (whether an employee, client or any other person). In addition, access to the offices is by appointment only and the use of face masks is compulsory for everyone.

Sanity Air

In order to guarantee the safety and peace of mind of our employees, customers and anyone who visits our facilities, we have installed an air purifying machine that sterilises the air inside, eliminating 99.97% of viruses, bacteria and fungi in suspension, circulating the air inside the room, returning purified air to the room.

It is a certified product, with top brand components, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to install and maintain.

For more information, download the informative brochure.

Actions we take in our offices

Taking our/your temperature

Use of Masks

Hydroalcoholic gel

Check-in registry at our offices


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